Nation’s taxpayers declared minority following constitutional amendment

Nation’s taxpayers declared minority following constitutional amendment

ISLAMABAD-In a constitutional amendment today, the nation’s taxpayers were declared a minority by both the National Assembly and the Senate in Islamabad.

The move was the result of a long-awaited demand by the majority tax-evaders to finally put an end to the “taxpayer question.”

“We have put an end to this seventy-year-old problem,” said prime minister Nawaz Sharif, speaking to reporters outside the parliament. “Now, finally the nation can move on, putting this issue to bed.”

The prime minister, however, assured the nation’s taxpayers that no harm will come to them and that their new status as minorities will not mean that they would be targeted.

“I would caution the majority to respect the rights of the minorities. We strive to be an Islamic republic, so we should act like one,” he said.

Many analysts were critical of the community and said that they had brought about this misfortune upon themselves. “Where do you think the bandobast of the session came from? From their own money,” said Dr Haider Azhar, chair of the political science department at the Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.

Others from the tax paying community, however, wished to change their faith in light of the current circumstances. “Want to pay taxes but just not worth the hassle, really,” said Omer Malik, a Lahore-based retailer.


A version of the piece was published in Khabaristan Today

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