PIA to sacrifice camels for Boeing planes

PIA to sacrifice camels for Boeing planes

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has come up with a grading system for sacrificing animals as per their carriers, Khabaristan Times has learnt.

Sources confirm that the size of the animal would be in synchrony with the size of the plane.

“We wanted to sacrifice an entire hippopotamus, but realized that our passengers would probably not be too happy with the meat,” a PIA official revealed.

However, Pakistan International Airlines representatives have informed Khabaristan Times that they have fired their fact finding team and have hired Aamil Nagi Bawa and Baray Hakeem Sahab to sprinkle perfumed water all over the cockpit before takeoff.

“Its benefits are multifold. It will smell even better,” another official said.

In a press release explaining the sacrificial black goat for the ATR planes, PIA also confirmed that they would be asking their stewardesses to ask passengers to recite “Jal tu jalal tu aai bala ko taal tu” instead of reading the safety features on the plane.

They would be requiring every passenger to recite Kalima-e-Tayyiba after landing and before takeoff, it has further been learnt.

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