Thanksgiving Turkey: Raheel Sharif pardoning Nawaz Sharif could set tradition

Thanksgiving Turkey: Raheel Sharif pardoning Nawaz Sharif could set tradition

It is not common for the Pakistani Army Chief, usually the worthiest individual to become the head of state in Pakistan, to pardon their turkeys – Thanksgiving or not. But the fact that the outgoing former worthy president, Gen Raheel Sharif, announced the pardon for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could set a tradition almost as ceremonious as the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation in the US.

Now Nawaz is as domesticated a turkey as you’d find anywhere. But considering the ruthless slaughter of all kinds of poultry by eventual presidents coming from the institute of Army, Raheel Sharif’s pardon was groundbreaking. In this regard the unparalleled gratitude he mustered in the lead up to the big day, was fitting and much needed.

Call it coincidence, but Thanksgiving Day falling amidst this thank-fest underscores how the divine powers – which almost always seem to play a part in actions of our Army chiefs – want to set this much needed tradition up.

Pakistan should celebrate Thanksgiving Day every time a worthy President decides to take his worthy off on time, in turn pardoning the elected turkey.

In Pakistan – unlike the US – turkeys appoint the individuals who may or may not end up sparing them. One way to ensure more pardons, and a continuation of the aforementioned tradition, is to keep this appointment as low key as possible. This would allow the turkeys more breathing space.

Now that we have a new worthy president Qamar Javed Bajwa in-charge, the gauntlet has been thrown to him to keep this tradition alive. The odds are that Gen Bajwa would be pardoning the same turkey on the next Thanksgiving Day three years from now. After being slaughtered on two previous occasions, Nawaz would be hopeful of a second consecutive pardon. Then we can have all look forward to Game 5 to decide the series.

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