‘Good bloggers are hard to find’, DG ISPR reminds progressive writers

‘Good bloggers are hard to find’, DG ISPR reminds progressive writers

RAWALPINDI – As insecurity and fear looms over anyone trying to share their progressive thoughts on social media, the Director General (DG) of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor aka AG is doing his best to reassure budding writers.

The DG is currently working on conveying a simple message to writers that good bloggers are hard to find.

“We need to realise that I have more important work on my hands right now, which is to get that Blue Tick on my account,” Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor said while talking to Khabaristan Times. “I have observed in the past few months that many users, who also happened to be social media activists, had acquired it in no time. So those worried about bringing back missing writers should now sit peacefully, because I won’t be looking into it till I get that tick.

“And the sooner people help me the earlier they’ll return, so time is ticking. I can’t believe I am so good with puns,” he added as he vowed to carry his predecessor Lt Gen Asim Bajwa’s legacy forward.

After being pressed AG said he believed that missing bloggers were taken away because people with brains are needed to control Twitter trends, Facebook shares as well as viral content. “Why are you people restless? All those taken away live in Pakistan, I mean Punjab. Nobody’s linked to Balochistan.”

The DG ISPR added that, “Instead of bot accounts like those Naqabis or the likes of Farhan Virk, we need innovation.”

He had tips for young writers as well.

“Instead of eyeing cons of CPEC, they should eye how India is hating on us. Instead of talking about how extremism has devoured us, they should focus on glorious times when it helped us win wars and easy access to pot. It’s a win-win for all of us. Nothing to be scared of,” he said.

When reminded of the case of a journalist whose name was added to ECL, AG seemed perplexed and asked if said journalist was still in the capital. “If he is, his services would be needed more than ever. If people would refuse to offer services themselves, the cars sans license-plates know well how to make an offer which can’t be refused.”

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