Pakistan immigration website crashes as frantic Americans look for exit

Pakistan immigration website crashes as frantic Americans look for exit

ISLAMABAD- For the first time since its inception the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports (DGIP) website of the Government of Pakistan has crashed due to excessive traffic, the Interior Ministry confirmed in the early hours of today.

In a message released on the media WhatsApp group, Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan confirmed that the server for the DGIP website that had the capacity to handle 100 visitors at a time, suddenly experienced a traffic surge multiple times more than that.

Nisar’s statement comes amidst the ongoing US Presidential Elections, where according to latest unofficial numbers, Donald Trump is leading Hillary Clinton by 244 electoral votes to 209.

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan is the second country whose immigration website crashed following Canadian crash earlier this morning.

“Donald Trump is proving the American dream that indeed, anyone can become president. Anyone!” said a voter in Iowa, after helping the Republican candidate to getting the majority.

After running a very improbable campaign Trump had enough leads on the voting ground to make people wonder at the time of website crashes. Everyone is now expecting him to win.

As a result, financial markets around the world are falling with Dow Jones futures going down as low as 600 points and the Asian market down 2 percent.

“What really matters at the moment is how many people Canada will be able to cater to when the Americans start moving in,” says a leading political analyst. “A YUGE percentage had claimed that they would move to Canada if Trump won. Canada is big, but not that big, which is why the website crashed.”

According to latest reports, frantic Americans are now applying for visas to Mexico where they hope the wall will be tall and wide enough to keep Trump on the other side.

“UK was the first option but since the US is also brexiting, that idea was dropped,” says another analyst. “Pakistan is probably high on the list because people are actually used to having a woman lead a country there,” she adds.

In other reports, as the elections go on, the American Webster Dictionary has quietly added two new words to the dictionary today – Bigly and Yuge.

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