Pakistan to head UN committee on free speech after ‘striving to make country free of speech’

Pakistan to head UN committee on free speech after ‘striving to make country free of speech’

GENEVA – United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has decided to reward Pakistan for ‘striving to make the country free of speech’, by giving it the leadership of a Special Committee on Free Speech, sources within the UNHRC have told Khabaristan Times.

“We appreciate the ongoing endeavour of the state to ensure complete freedom of speech in the country, hopefully taking Pakistan to a point where it would be absolutely free of any speech,” a senior UN official said.

The official clarified that the move should not be linked with Saudi Arabia’s election to the UN Human Rights Panel.

“That was a misunderstanding because everyone thought Saudi was going to head the human rites panel,” the official said. “I mean, we all though who better to lead a panel on humans being used for religious rites.”

The official went on to clarify that no such misunderstanding has influenced the decision to reward Pakistan the leadership of the free speech committee.

“I mean free and speech, the two words together, can only have one meaning – and neither of the two has any homophones,” the UN official said. “We can always consult the Human Rights Panel head for any confusion on that front.”

Another senior UN representative, talking to Khabaristan Times, said the news coming out of Pakistan these days had made the award ‘inevitable’.

“After days of following news from Pakistan, we at the UN felt that we something was missing in Pakistan,” she said. “That’s when we realised that it was an award, an accolade to acknowledge the state’s contribution to free speech that has long been missing,” she added.

When asked when the award would be formally given to Pakistan to confirm the country’s leadership of the Free Speech committee the representative replied that the award itself has gone missing. “But as soon as we find it, it will be given to the authorities,” she concluded.

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