Everyone expecting apology advised to contact Altaf Bhai today

Everyone expecting apology advised to contact Altaf Bhai today

The MQM PR team believes anyone and everyone can expect to hear ‘sorry’ today

Karachi: Anyone who believes that Mutahhida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Bhai owes them an apology has been advised to contact Bhai today (Tuesday). It is pertinent to mention here that the MQM PR team’s announcement came with just 2 hours and 23 minutes remaining in the day according to Pakistan Standard Time (PST).

“This will quite possibly be your last chance to get Altaf Bhai to say sorry to you,” an MQM PR team member told Khabaristan Times. “I don’t think Bhai will remember today’s events tomorrow, for obvious reasons. So your chances are bright if you contact him today,” she added.

The PR team’s announcement comes after Bhai apologised to security forces and women associated with Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) today. Bhai also apologised to PTI Information Secretary Shireen Mazari, by saying “I’m sorry” twice.

Talking to Khabaristan Times the PR team did not put any asterisks, conditions or discriminations with regards to the people who can expect apologies from Bhai.

“Whether you’re a relative of someone who was killed by MQM workers, or a relative of MQM worker killed by other MQM workers, or an MQM worker who nearly committed suicide, you can expect an apology from Bhai today,” another PR team member said while talking to Khabaristan Times.

“Furthermore, if you’ve been charged too much as extortion money or you’re an Islamist terrorist responsible for murder or atrocities, Bhai might unequivocally apologise for his words and actions that might have hurt you,” he added.
Khabaristan Times tried reaching out to people who we believe might be expecting an apology from Bhai, but we were snubbed with claims ranging from, “What are you talking about? I can give my life for Bhai” to “No, no it’s okay, his anger is perfectly understandable.”

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