ITU launches ‘Create Your Own Jinnah’ app on Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday

ITU launches ‘Create Your Own Jinnah’ app on Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday

LAHORE – In the honor of Quaid-e-Azam, the Information Technology University (ITU) has launched a special service to celebrate his birthday in a way to satisfy the immensely diverse population of Pakistan.

After deep consultations with people from all walks of life, ITU’s Pakistan Studies department has launched an app that allows everyone to ‘Create Your Own Jinnah’.

“All you have to do is insert your ideology, political inclinations, and beliefs, and the app would produce the exact speech of Jinnah that suits your description,” says Mahnoor Batool, the project’s team lead. “It would also provide various arguments with which you can convince another person how your Jinnah is better than his Jinnah.”

In the test phase, the app generated Jinnahs including, but not limited to:

Secular Jinnah
















Mullah Jinnah


Allama Jinnah


Bappa Jinnah


British Agent Jinnah


Socialist Jinnah


Dictator Jinnah


In each category, users will also be able to access video games respective to their created Jinnah, reveals Jamshed Bhutta, one of the app developers.

“For example if you create Socialist Jinnah, he would be fighting the feudals. If you chose Dictator Jinnah, he would be quashing the rebels while annexing Kalat,” Bhutta told Khabaristan Times. “British Agent Jinnah rescues the Queen from Buckingham Palace, while the Mullah Jinnah has to safeguard Islam.”

The app also provides you with a list of books, speeches, articles and talk shows which can be accessed to defend your Jinnah. It also suggests a similar list to avoid if you want your Jinnah to remain in tact.

“All those who get Mullah Jinnah are advised to stay far far away from the ‘You are free to go to your mosques and your temples’ sort of speeches,” says Mahnoor. “And those who create a Secular Jinnah should overlook those quotes in which he’s promising Islamic law.”

The app released earlier today has already met with instant popularity and people are rapidly replacing Jinnah’s photos in their offices, schools and universities with their own Jinnahs.

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