Afridi’s career as proof of God’s existence converts Dawkins to theism

Afridi’s career as proof of God’s existence converts Dawkins to theism

The evolutionary biologist will release ‘Shahid Afridi: The God Solution’ as acknowledgement of God’s existence

London: The age old Mexican standoff between religiously charged creationists and the scientifically inclined faithless finally came to a screeching halt when brand new evidence proving the existence of a supreme deity surfaced.

According to sources a holy man – answering to the name Maulana Abu Gandalf – descended from K2 to reveal unto mankind an ancient prophecy that foretold the coming of Shahid Afridi – a pathan model who’d forever challenge the notions of logic and scientific proof – traits atheists greatly pride themselves on.

“The signs were present all along but only those faithful to the Lord could see.” The mysterious man remarked pointing to Shahid Afridi’s career stats on his smartphone.

“If God did not exist would a male model be confused for a cricketer for two decades?” he questioned the faithless. “If it wasn’t for Divine intervention would a talentless individual be allowed to play a single international series let alone represent their country in five consecutive World Cups?” he continued with his fiery line of questioning only to hear shock and awe in return.

“To refute Shahid Afridi as a miracle of God is the equivalent of refuting gravity or the very oxygen we breathe” roared Maulana Abu Gandalf in true sacred fashion that left thousands gasping for breath.

Usually quick to mock any claims of the existence of God, the jaw-dropping revelation has left atheists dumfounded and questioning their secular way of life.

Tangible proof of such nature not only drove the final nail in the coffin – as far as the grand god debate is concerned – but also prompted renowned militant atheist Richard Dawkins to sit up and take notice “This is game changing” Dawkins said visibly shocked at the predicament. “I hope there is still time for salvation” he pleaded looking to the heavens.

In light of this new evidence, Dawkins further stated that he “plans to right his wrongs” and that he’ll follow up his controversial international bestseller “The God Delusion” with “Shahid Afridi: The God Solution.”

Nicknamed “Boom Boom” for his habit of running towards opponent batsmen during crunch games and patting their butts to congratulate them on scoring a hundred against his side, Shahid Afridi has turned out to be the missing link between man and the Almighty. The Association of World Religions (AWR) has acknowledged the model turned athlete turned model’s significance and hope the heartthrob spare some time from his blind slogging antics and endorse their upcoming slew of commercials.


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