Amir Khan to ban Hum TV dramas at home

Amir Khan to ban Hum TV dramas at home

BOLTON – Following the public scandal surrounding his wife and parents, British boxer Amir Khan has found the solution to the debacle, Khabaristan Times has learnt.

The Pakistani-origin athlete has blamed Hum TV’s saas-bahu themed dramas to be the core of the entire issue in the family.

“I tried to be more like Fawad Khan but this is bollocks. This dragging social media fight is bollocks,” he posted on his social media accounts.

“And if it really is going to be like this,” Khan said tagging Hum TV on his Facebook, “I think Faryal should be more like Khirad from Humsafar instead of Meera from Udaari. Look how Khirad was always dressed in choori-daar pajamas and dupattas even when it was raining. That could have solved everything.”

“I am not a child,” Khan further stated while talking to Khabaristan Times, “because clearly I see that the cause of my wife and my family’s rifts are Hum TV dramas. Therefore I wholly and completely blame Hum TV for this and I’d sue Momina Duraid and Sultana Siddiqui for showing squabbling mothers in law and daughters in law…

“But I’m invited on a function from their production house. And since I am the one working my ass off, I shouldn’t have to pass up the opportunity to look good in the media.

Khan continued: “So you see the real struggle is mine and mine alone. I am the real victim here. And the hero.”

Khan further confirmed that in his next meeting with Hum Telefilms, he would ask them to write about his story.

“I’ll ask them to make me the hero. And ask Fawad Khan to play me so people know that deep down I am way more beautiful than my wife.”

  • Qiko

    Funny man.

    Edit: Just realized that this is a a fake news site

  • continuedhere

    maybe he should ban skype instead 🙂

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