Pakistan Army wins UEFA Champions League

Pakistan Army wins UEFA Champions League

LAHORE- Pakistan Army became the first Asian team to win the UEFA Champions League after beating everyone who showed up, and everyone who didn’t, at Fortress Stadium yesterday.

While the final scoreline wasn’t announced considering the security situation in the region, and the names of the participants remained undisclosed as well, but the ISPR confirmed Pakistan Army as the first non-European side to win Europe’s premier football league competition.

With UEFA President Angel Maria Villar not present to award the newly crowned champions Pakistan Army Skipper General Raheel Sharif took it upon himself to give the winning trophy to himself after leading his side to the historic triumph.

“Hosting the UEFA Champions League has been a great success. We look forward to holding such events in future as well and I am sure that we will see even larger and more diverse participation,” said the army chief who became the first captain (i.e. skipper, not to be confused with the Army rank) to address the crowd after winning the UEFA Champions League.

Talking about the uniqueness of the occasion, General Sharif said, “UEFA Champions League is designed to demand a high level of efficiency which is essential for the challenges of modern sport.”

The army chief also praised competitors from the visiting teams, saying that all the competitors “displayed a very high standard of sportsmanship, physical fitness, and determination to give their best”, which in turn makes Pakistan Army’s success all the more prominent.

The Army Chief also rubbished the claims that Pakistan has been ‘isolated’ as a nation.

“Today, Pakistan stands more integrated with rest of the world than ever before. We are winning tournaments that we weren’t even qualified to participate in,” he said, adding that Pakistan Army has now set its eyes on NBA, Ryder Cup and the Six Nations Rugby Tournament to further integrate with the world.

Citing the UEFA Champions League triumph as yet another success of Operation Zarb-e-Azb, DG ISPR Lt General Asim Bajwa said those doubting the credibility of the victory are enemies of Pakistan.

“Unfortunately due to the security situation created by the neighbouring country we couldn’t invite UEFA officials but all top European teams participated in the contest,” he told Khabaristan Times adding that the names can’t be disclosed due to security reasons.

The DG ISPR further confirmed that UEFA will soon make a formal announcement and tell Real Madrid that they are no longer the UEFA Champions League champions.

“The UEFA Champions League Game Week 4 onwards will be called off now that Pakistan Army is the 2016/17 winner,” Lt General Asim Bajwa reassured.

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