Modi changes optician after failing to see Kejriwal coming

Modi changes optician after failing to see Kejriwal coming

Also burnt suit that had his name stitched gazillion times

New Delhi: In the biggest and most surprising comeback since Imran Khan, Arvind Kejriwal’s (Aam Aadmi Party) AAP literally swept Delhi clean with their broom in the 2015 general elections. The landslide victory not only reduced the Congress to a big fat zero but also sent Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi into a state of panic.

After congratulating CM Kejriwal, Modi immediately burnt his suit that had his name stitched a gazillion times on it. He made it clear that never again! He then proceeded to makes calls to change his Optician, as he literally did not see Kejriwal coming from any direction.

After months of careful planning along with a Modi Sarkar team dedicated to make him win, he was again very surprised at the big loss.

In hindsight, he has realized that perhaps, him actually going out on the street and encouraging people to clean with a broom was not such a bright idea. What with the broom being AAP’s election symbol – they might have gotten confused and associated him with the broom. Yes, that had to be it.


It certainly could not have been getting Madam Kiran Bedi being on his team. He even had her act all cute by jumping on cars and speaking her mind and what not.  It had to be the broom and the suit. He really wishes now he had not gone out to clean the streets. The same streets cleaned him out! He wondered if he had worn the suit out on the streets as well.


Kejriwal has also made it a point to not repeat the same mistakes like the last time he had won, when he had to call it quits just after 49 days.


He has vowed, after carefully watching Imran Khan in action, to no longer waste time on dharnas. He feels that rather than waste time protesting everything, he will actually sit down and look for solutions instead.


Narendra Modi, in the meanwhile has gotten a new Optician and is looking ahead in better spirits and glasses.


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