US President-elect goes puppy shopping for son

US President-elect goes puppy shopping for son

CHICAGO – The US President-elect Donald Trump is looking for a puppy for his youngest offspring Barron Trump. He revealed this while sharing a lighter aspect of his life, briefing the journalists outside Trump Tower.

“Normally, narcs – that’s what they call guys with a good self esteem, nice hair, nice car, and all the other good stuff – take interest in their kids’ lives only while going through a divorce. But I’m more hands on and have always been. Melania will tell you that,” Trump said, twiddling his little finger to make a point.

“Like right now, I’m looking for the right kind of pet for Barron. He might be soon living in the White House – we haven’t finalized that yet – and I don’t want him to be lonely.”

Donald Trump said his is ‘very very keen’ on Shi Tzu.

“It’s a Tibetan dog, very good and helpful breed, especially around kids. Long legs, hair could’ve been a bit better but in general, real hot shit, amongst puppies. Really cultured, the kind Barron’d like and he’s pretty opinionated and strong willed.

“I mean I could go on, and who knows, it could lead to the World’s first Doggy Pageant, by Trump International. One thing leads to another. The Pakistani guy takes good care of her currently but I could do better.

“How do I know the Pakistani guy? What do you mean? People think only Melania knows 5 languages. Urdu was one of the first diplomas I earned through Trump University and guess what, guess what,” Trump continued after a heaving pause, “Princess Diana used to be in the same class with me, right around the time she was planning on a trip to Pakistan with this surgeon guy.”

“Real swell place, she told me that, it’s on top of my bucket list of places to visit right now. Anyway, so we like this puppy and now it’s up to Barron. Like I say, as a parent, it’s my job to try.”

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